How to pitch InventHub to your team

Usama Abid

You have realized the potential of InventHub and know that it could be a game changer for your development process, but you just don’t know how to convey how helpful it is to your team lead and colleagues. 

In this article, we’ve outlined a few talking points for you so that you’re prepared and at your best when you’re ready to make the pitch for InventHub.

Pitching InventHub to Your Project Manager

With InventHub, you’ll all know what needs to reviewed.

InventHub provides you with a portal that allows you to host all your projects (and related files) in one place. That means no more time wasted scouring through emails and google drive to look for what projects are completed and what projects need to be reviewed. With InventHub, all you need to do is look at your notifications and review the designs that were marked completed.

The feedback process is no longer a migraine.

Avoid the delays and frustration with timely feedback because InventHub lets you give feedback on the go. Using interactive on-design annotations, your product manager can leave you comments and notes as you work on the project, saving time for all of you.

Stay consistent as you scale.

You know as well as I that as you scale, you have to give up on consistency because you’re adding more developers, each of whom has their own method. With InventHub, your team is all on the same page: developers can easily view all the projects that are shared with them, seeing how things are done along with what’s already been done.

Easily share and manage the editorial rights of project files.

No longer do you have to manually assign editorial rights for your projects and all the related files. With InventHub, all of that happens automatically. The developers get the editorial rights and the QA and testers get read-only access. It’s that simple. As a bonus, because the project files stay together and are managed in real-time, you won’t ever have to face delays because someone wasn’t able to open the project.

Pitching InventHub to Your Fellow Developers

InventHub keeps your workflow intact.

We designed InventHub in such a way that it doesn’t disrupt your workflow at all. You still use the same tools as before: InventHub supports the most popular ECAD software out there.

Process as a tool.

We push ourselves to give you everything you need, but also, all that you could possibly want. InventHub is not a SaaS or a PaaS tool, but we fall into a completely new segment of “PaaT” (process as a tool). We aim to provide our users with a better development process rather than merely a software tool.

It’s no longer hard to access all of your files.

Sharing and managing rights is troublesome; if not done correctly, a developer has to be go through a lot of trouble, as when the project files won’t open because you don’t have access to the related files. But with InventHub, you’ll never have to worry about these issues at all. You add everyone in the beginning, set their roles, and we do the rest for you, making it super easy for you to access files and get to work.

Getting work reviewed is stress-free!

Because files are always available, you’re always able to update your work by making simple commits. You might not even need to go through the whole review process given that teammates can leave you feedback as you work on the project. By the time you’re done with your design, it will already be reviewed and ready for the next step.

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