InventHub for developers and engineers

Usama Abid

InventHub is dedicated to making your development processes as streamlined as possible, keeping you on track, updated, and on schedule. Here’s how:

1. More than just screenshots

No more screenshots or iteration reports, just commit changes and review them visually. Revamp collaboration with your team using InventHub, not only do you get a secure channel for sharing your work, but interactive tools that allow you to view filesshow individual changes, and annotate on design. You can also view other’s work and understand the development process rather than taking calls and asking them. InventHub takes care of all that so that you can focus on getting work done.

Visual Version Control for ECAD

2. Save time on reviews, keep the context aligned

Getting work reviewed and making reports for all the work you do is not only hectic but is also time intensive. With InventHub, all of this can be done on the design, interactively with our in-app annotationsand comments. Helping you save time on hours of meetings and focus on your development.

Collaborate on hardware projects

3. Never worry about mistakes again

Making mistakes is the part of development, to be confident that what you have developed is the optimal design. But it gets really frustrating when it requires you to do a lot of saving and backing up, right? well not with InventHub. Making backups/committing changes is super simple and if you ever have to revert back, that too is super simple. Giving you the peace of mind you need to develop at your best.

Visual diffing for hardware & ECAD projects

4. Branches, as if all this wasn’t enough

Not only does InventHub allow you to backup and keep log of your work, but by using the branchfunctionality, you can test new ideas simply by making new branches. No need to even make a new copy of the project.

5. Better hand-offs

With InventHub, you don’t even have to worry about handing off your work. Simply add your team once and give them access in the beginning. After that, all you need to do is log your work with commits, and you and your team, no matter where they are or what computer they are using can simply start off where you left. Yes, it’s that simple! Plus with Annotations, you can get it reviewed right there, in-app, without the need for anything else.

Better design system for electronics projects
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