Smart Fan Speed Controller PCB Board based on IoT

Arshmah Shahkar

Are you bored of controlling fans and lights with switches and buttons? Why control fans with manual switches when we can control them using mobile phones? Let’s imagine a device that can manage the speed of our electric fans with a single click. This IoT-enabled fan speed controller allows us to control the speed of the fan using mobile phones by sitting away or near the board without any disturbance in the flow of current.

Major Design Parts:

The schematic design consists of the following main parts:

  • NodeMCU ESP microcontroller chip to provide built-WIFI facility to the circuit, it will allow us to get input data and send it to the mobile app
  • Zero crossing detector circuit to detect the alternating point of the voltage or current signal
  • Voltage regulator to regulate the voltage
  • 555 timer circuit to generate PWM signal
  • Low pass filter


After implementing my design on Altium Designer, I have uploaded my schematic and PCB design files online on Inventhub. Users can view or download and implement my design. For the manufacturers, I have created the release file of my project. They can download the design files in a ZIP format and can fabricate my PCB without making any errors.

Bill of Materials:

I have created a bill of material on Inventhub for the component providers and the users. Those who want to implement my design can download the file and can view the detailed information of each component in order to avoid differences and errors in the design. On the other hand, component providers can also download the file and can deliver the components of the same dimensions, parameters, and quantity as I have used in my design.

For detailed information and guidance on design visit the link below:

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