Amplify Volume of Your Device with Audio Amplifier PCB

Arshmah Shahkar

If you are listening to music but the volume of your device is low that is really unexciting. Instead of using heavy and bulky speakers with the device, increase the volume of your device using an audio amplifier that is compact and user-friendly.

Why an Audio Amplifier?

The audio amplifier provides a better music quality to the listeners. Some devices like smartphones, TVs, headphones have a low volume that the listener soon gets bored of it and they want to increase the volume of their devices. An audio amplifier provides you with better volume capability, users can increase the volume of their devices as much as they want. Users can attach this audio amplifier to any wireless or transmitting device and can carry it in a pocket because of its compact size.

Design and Fabricate:

After implementing the design on KiCAD, I have uploaded my PCB and schematic files online on Inventhub. I can share my files with the collaborators to improve my design. For fabrication, I have uploaded release files of my project on Inventhub. My manufacturer can view or download my files and can fabricate my PCB.

Assemble Your Board:

To finally assemble my PCB board, I will visit my component provider to get the components of my design. Instead of visiting and explaining everything manually, I can share my bill of material file that contains the list of my components with every single detail like a footprint, library reference, manufacturer company, quantity, and other dimensions. He can download the file and can deliver the components as I required for my design.

For further information and guidance on design implementation visit the link below:

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