Control Your Home Smartly Using Relay Shield PCB

Arshmah Shahkar

Do you want to live in a smart home where you can control everything with a click? if yes, then you do not need to buy it because it’s really expensive, you can convert your current manual home to a smart home. Yes, now it’s possible with this relay shield PCB design.

What is it?

Relay Shield is a device that can be used to be control devices wirelessly with your smartphone from anywhere. Its purpose is to turn on or off electrical grid power to household devices. Every household has electronic devices which are a major part of our everyday life like dishwashers, washing machines, boilers (water heaters), kettles. They all operate on electricity. AC electrical power is dangerous for humans and that’s exactly the type of power for devices operation. The relay shield can convert AC power to DC power as per the device requirements in order to protect the devices.

Operations of Relay Shield:

It can perform the following operations:

  • Detect errors in the electrical grids, cables, and outlets
  • Using this device gives users a larger control of their households
  • Users can heat up their room before they came to it and don’t need to enter cold apartments anymore
  • Data transfer and control are wireless which is the best part of the device
  • A relay shield can be used in various situations. It can be used in households for battery chargers, for LED displays, in cars

PCB Design:

After designing the schematic and PCB on Altium I have uploaded all my design files online on Inventhub for the users, manufacturer, and component provider. There is no need to visit the manufacturer manually he can download my schematic design from Inventhub and fabricate my PCB board without making any errors.

Bill of Material:

For the exact dimensions, and size of the components, I have created a BOM file of my project that contains library reference, part manufacturer, size, dimensions, and footprints. I will send this BOM file to the component provider he will download the file in CSV file format and can view my parts details.

After embedding the components on the PCB board I can control my home using a smartphone from anywhere.

To get complete guidance and information on design implementation visit the link below:

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