Power Bank PCB Design Board for Mobile Phones

Arshmah Shahkar

Are you afraid of draining out your mobile battery during a meeting? Do you want a large backup for the battery so that you never miss any lessons? The answer to your problem is, a power bank!

During the period of the pandemic, everyone shifted their work to the online mode. Students and workers have to face the problem of insufficient battery in mobile phones when they do not have the access to electricity or an ordinary charger. The power bank gives them the facility of charging their mobile phones at any time especially when they do not have the charger. The users just need to charge their power bank at once and then they can charge their mobile phones without any interruption.

Design your own Power Bank:

Now, you can design your own power bank that would be the cost-effective and compact size. I have created this design on KiCAD. After creating it, I have uploaded its PCB and schematic files online on Inventhub to get connected with the manufacturer, suppliers, and component providers. Anyone can visually view, download, and implement my design.

Fabrication of PCB:

Instead of visiting the manufacturer and explaining things manually, I have created the online release of my project on Inventhub. From where he can download my project files in a ZIP file format to fabricate my PCB board without any error.

Bill of Materials:

After the fabrication of PCB here comes the next step to attach the components to the board. I have created a BOM file on Inventhub that contains a list of components with the same dimensions and footprints. The component provider can export the file in CSV format and can send me the same components I need for my power bank.

Restore Design files:

Revisions in the project allow users to improve the project. I have created the revisions in my project on Inventhub. If I want to restore the previous version of my design then I do not need to worry because all my edited versions of the design are available on Inventhub. I can easily download the specific revision and can reuse it as my current design.

For detailed explanation and guidance on design implementation visit this link: hackster.io

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