Arduino Motor Driver PCB for Robotics

Arshmah Shahkar

In the field of robotics, usually small hobby motors are used to drive robots like a robotic arm, line-following robots, and robotic cars. With these motors, microcontrollers like Arduino and Raspberry Pi are used; Arduino is the most common and compatible microcontroller to use with small robots. Hobby motors require typically 100-200mA current but the Arduino UNO can only provide up to 40mA current. To increase the current level, a motor driver L293D is used which can be connected with the MCU to drive and run the motors at a high current level.

All in One Board:

This PCB board is an all-in-one package that contains Arduino and a motor driver circuit. With this board, you can drive 4 DC, 1 Stepper, and 2 Servo motors at a time with this PCB module. Attach the car, code MCU according to your requirement, and enjoy driving your robotic car!

Specifications of PCB:

This Arduino motor driver;

  • Can work on both 12V or 5V power supplies
  • It has 2 L293D Motor driver ICs to drive multiple motors
  • Due to H-Bridge, it can allow the motor to drive in different directions
  • An 8 bit Serial in parallel-out Shift register IC to communicate with MCU

Schematic and PCB:

I have designed my board on Altium then I have uploaded the schematic and PCB files online on Inventhub. Anyone who wants to implement my design can visually view or download it from Inventhub. I have also created the online backup of my design edits, if I want to get the previous version of my design and want to use it as my current design I can easily go to the revisions of my project and can download the specific version of my design. The manufacturer can also get my design to fabricate PCB.


After creating my final design, I can send my design files to the manufacturer to fabricate my PCB. For this, I have created the release of my project online on Inventhub. Instead of visiting him, I can send this file to him he can easily download it in a ZIP file format and can fabricate my PCB without any error in the design.

BOM file:

For the component provider, I have created a list of components on Inventhub that contains the detail of each component like a footprint, manufacturer, library reference, and quantity. He can get the file in CSV file format and can deliver my components as per my design requirements. Then I can embed components on my board and can drive my robotic car.

To get a detailed explanation on design implementation please visit this link:

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