Infrared Object Detection PCB Board for Security Purposes

Arshmah Shahkar

Project Need:

Manual lock systems are not very useful they can be easily broken or unlocked. To remain safe from any threat or danger you need a digital sensing lock system that will only allow those people to enter who will be authorized by you.

Let’s introduce an object detection sensor based on infrared rays. This sensor, in your absence, will not let anyone enter your place. If someone tries to enter, it will detect it and sound an alarm that will alert your security system and you will be safe from any threat. It consists of a PIR (Passive Infrared Sensor) that measures the infrared lights coming from any object, body, or device. It typically operates on 5V.

Design Implementation:

For the implementation of design, I have used Altium designer. I have created my design online on Inventhub, where my all design files including the Schematic and PCB files are available. PCB design allows you to view your design in a 3D view. It includes a selection of sizes and layers of the board. Better routing of layers helps in reducing errors in the design.

Release File:

After completing my design I have created a release file of my project on Inventhub. Anyone can view or download the file in ZIP format and can implement my design.

Bill of Materials:

I have created a bill of material(BOM) which contain the detail of each component’s footprint, library reference, and quantity. After getting my fabricated board, I will send this link to my component provider. He will download the file and will send me the components of the exact dimensions as I required

Revisions in the Project:

I have created the revisions of my project on Inventhub where I have pushed my design files after creating different edits. If I want to get back the previous version of my design and want to view the changes in my project I can do this by visiting the revisions.

To get detailed information and guidance on design visit:

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