Charge your Solar Panel to the Maximum Output Power with Solar Power Regulator PCB

Arshmah Shahkar

How to charge solar panels in the rainy season? In the season of rains and floods, when we do not have the facility to provide the sunlight to the solar panels to charge them. This solar panel battery charger helps us there. The solar panels can be charged using Maximum Power Point Tracking(MPPT). This power tracking charges the panels that are run by the sunlight.

Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT):

The [MPPT]( MPPT%2C or maximum power,battery bank or utility grid.) is a DC to DC converter that maximizes the output power of the solar panel. It provides the most efficient charging tracking to solar batteries because solar panels are very efficient and optimized in providing light to our homes from sunlight. The most efficient MPPT is LT3652. It is a step-down battery charger (solar charger regulator) that usually operates at input voltages of 4.9V to 32V.

Design files:

I have implemented the design on Altium and uploaded all the design files online on Inventhub. Anyone can view or download my design files and implement my design. Specifically for manufacturers, in order to visit them manually to fabricate my PCB, I will send him the release file of my project containing design files in ZIP format. He will download the file and fabricate my PCB without any error.

Components details:

I have created the bill of materials file on Inventhub that contains the list of all components with their footprints, symbols, quantity, and dimensions details. The component provider can export this file to view each component and he can send me the components as per my design requirements.

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