RF Transmitting Detector for Mobile Phones: PCB Design Board

Arshmah Shahkar

There is no need to check manually mobile phones in the exams hall when you have a smartphone detector in your pocket.

RF Transmitter Detector:

An RF transmitter detector can detect the devices that can transmit or receive data. It could be radio receivers and transmitters, WIFI routers, mobile phones, and TV antennas. In my design, a capacitor attached with a CA3130 amplifier will act as an RF transmitting detector. With the help of this detector presence of any mobile phone can easily be detected in the exam halls or classrooms.

Design Implementation:

For the schematic and PCB design, I have used KiCAD software. After implementing my design, I have uploaded my design files online on Inventhub so that the users and manufacturers can view and download my files to implement my design. For the fabrication, I can send my release file of the project to the manufacturer in a ZIP file format and he can download and fabricate my PCB.

List of Components:

I have created a list of components (BOM) file on Inventhub. Those who want to implement my design can download the file in CSV format and can view the details of the components. Moreover, to assemble the board, my component provider can download the file and can deliver the components.

Project History:

While creating the PCB, I have uploaded the different revisions of my project on Inventhub which I have made in my design. I can view or restore the previous version of my design anytime if I want and can use it as my current design. I can also collaborate and share my design with other people to further improve my design.

To get detailed information and guidance on design implementation visit the link below:


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