Highly Efficient Mobile Phone Jammer – PCB Module

Arshmah Shahkar

The mobile jammer is used to block the signals between the mobile phone and the base station. This can be done by generating some kind of hurdles for the range of frequency of signals. It will generate very low or no signals for the user.

I have designed this mobile jammer for defense use. In military areas, they use mobile jammers to limit communication during hostage, bomb threats conditions, and military operations. Because in these cases the use of the mobile phone can be a source of communication between terrorists or opponents.

Project Files:

For the design implementation, I have used KiCAD. I have uploaded my schematic and PCB design files on Inventhub for the users and the manufacturers to view and download these files to implement my design.

Design for Manufacturing:

I have created a Release of my project for the fabrication of a PCB design board. My manufacturer can easily download this file in a ZIP file format from Inventhub containing all the design files with exact dimensions and parameters in order to avoid any error.

Bill of Materials (BOM):

Instead of visiting my component provider, I have created a bill of material for my project that contains the detailed information of each component with symbols and footprints. My component provider can download this file from Inventhub and deliver my components as per my design requirement.

Detailed instructions and guidelines can be found on this link: hackster.io

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